Client Testimonials

"I needed our house painted and had no idea where to find the right painting company. I stopped by the nearest Sherwin Williams paint store for a recommendation. The manager there highly recommended Carolina Cardenas. I called her and decided to give her a try. I was very pleased with her work and that of her helpers. She took the job seriously. This is the third time the house has been painted and is definitely the best paint job it has ever had.  Thank you, Carolina!"

Thomas A. Baucom DDS

"This recommendation is based on the excellent job she and her crew completed on my ... all-wood house with double porches... a real painting challenge. Carolina's company was very meticulous in their prep work for the house before painting, painting the house (two coats) to high standards, and responded quickly to all our requests. She promised us that her job was not complete until we were satisfied... she lived up to her promise, including details that were not clearly communicated by us in the beginning! I should also add that she and her crew kept the job site clean and orderly at the end of each day and were careful re. plants during the job. Her pricing was reasonable and below most quotes received AND the quality surpassed paint jobs I have paid more for in the past."

Vince Howe

"Carolina and her team painted the front of my house, including the sanding painting of some metal doors which required significant detail work and had to satisfy requirements set forth by the Hidden Point HOA. They were prompt, professional, attentive and completed the job in a timely manner. Carolina supervised these activities and only considered the job finished once she was completely satisfied with the quality and cleanliness of the work. Not only did the HOA approve the work, but also several members asked for her contact information. I found Carolina to be efficient, highly personable, honest and reasonable. She charged very competitive rates and I will hire her for additional work in the future."

Linda Goldman

"I contracted with Carolina C Painting to paint several locations at my establishment. Carolina did a great job and had a very positive attitude. Her work was tidy and organized, and she did a great job with post-painting clean up. I believe your company would be pleased with the work that Carolina and her staff provide."

Iris Lennon, Owner of The Country Squire Restaurant, Winery and Vintage Inn & The Squire's Guest House

"I highly recommend the painting services of Carolina C Painting. They painted the interior of my new home and I was extremely satisfied with their services. I would have no hesitation recommending them to a friend, family, or co-worker. The company was extremely prompt and did wonderful work."

Torri Calderone

"I have had the pleasurable experience of hiring Carolina C Painting. My experience with them was first rate. They were hired to paint the interior of my home. They were referred to me by family, and since my experience, I have referred them to friends and clients alike. They were punctual and professional and did the quality work that I was promised by my contact with the company, Carolina. I would highly recommend Carolina C Painting as a candidate for hire."

Capt. Christian Cardamone, Realtor/Broker